This consult is reserved for patients of practitioners (NDs, DOs, MDs, DCs, LAc's, etc.) who have been referred to Jill directly for support in understanding results and the LEAP program. Typically, the time allotted is 30 minutes +/- 15 minutes.

MRT results consult - Practitioner's patient

  • Please have your results in hand. The best sessions are held with patients who have taken the time to read the LEAP report and develop a list of specific questions.  I review your results and discuss the LEAP protocol to help you incorporate the program into your lifestyle. I may suggest tweaks to help you not be overwhelmed with the implementation. 

    The LEAP protocol is very specific, however, you may be able to adjust it to your lifestyle and still get good results. 

    I reserve the right to refer you to a Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT) if I believe they can help you more than I can. I want the best for YOU!